Hole diggers needed

A planting event last October added over 80 trees – most of them 8 feet tall – to the West Latonia streetscape.

Latonia tree-planting Saturday could use volunteers 

COVINGTON, Ky. - If the Great American Cleanup last Saturday put you in the mood for outdoors “activism,” this coming Saturday presents another opportunity:
About 75 trees need to be planted along streets in Latonia, and the City and its Urban Forestry Board are recruiting volunteers.
The event takes place from 9 a.m. to noon, and volunteers will meet ahead of time (see below) for donuts and instruction, said Rob Farrell, a member of the board.
“Latonia has been previously identified as having a glaring need for street trees, which provide all sorts of environmental and aesthetic benefits,” Farrell said. “By continuing with our goal of planting the right tree in the right place, we hope to improve the quality of life of our neighborhoods, one planting at a time.”
For inspiration, we’re providing a list of reasons to show up Saturday: 
  • You like to play in dirt and need exercise.
  • Moonrise Doughnuts and coffee from the soon-to-open Bluegrass Barn (next to Goodtimers II pub on Decoursey Avenue).
  • Your neighbors are cool - hang with them.
  • #LoveTheCov isn’t just a slogan but a call to action.
  • In this era of vitriol and turmoil, we all want to do something positive and helpful.
  • Spring mornings are best enjoyed outside.
  • You’re curious about the “right tree/right place” philosophy, and the species that will replace the much-maligned Bradford pear.
  • You appreciate clean air and shade, and blacktop and concrete look better with shades of green.
  • Your family volunteers together (and your kids need service hours at school). 
Trees will be planted on Lincoln Avenue from Daniels Street to Decoursey Avenue, and up to a block along intersecting streets.
The Forestry Division has selected a variety of species to be planted depending on their eventual size, including Black gum, paperbark maple, yellowwood, Allegheny serviceberry, and Kwanzan cherry.
Experts say streetscape trees provide a high return on investment, since they clean the air of pollution, lessen the storm water going into combined sewer systems, and increase property values by providing beauty and shade.
National studies also show lesser-known spin-off benefits: In “greener” neighborhoods, asthma rates for children and obesity rates are lower, people are less likely to call in sick to work, noise levels and “aggressive’ crime rates are lower, fewer traffic accidents occur, shaded pavement lasts longer, residents like where they’re living more, and temperatures are lower.
Saturday’s logistics:
Volunteers should meet at 8:30 a.m. in the parking lot at 36th Street and Lincoln Avenue behind Holy Cross Church.
Wear sturdy footwear and clothes that can get dirty. If you have gloves and a shovel, bring them, but extras will be available. No special expertise is needed: Experts and experienced volunteers will demonstrate proper tree-planting technique.

Volunteers are encouraged to register HERE.
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Volunteers are encouraged to register HERE.
Volunteers are encouraged to register HERE.