Road near Prisoners Lake temporarily closed

COVINGTON, Ky. - The road that curves around and almost into Prisoners Lake in Covington’s Devou Park will be closed for about a week starting Wednesday.
The temporary closure will allow the contractor that is straightening the road, called Prisoner’s Lake Drive, to tie in the new section of the road and pave the whole area, said William Matteoli, Assistant Project Engineer for the City.
The closed section runs from Wayne Road to the four-way stop with Montague Road and Bandshell Boulevard.
“Hopefully it’ll take less than a week, but when it opens back up, people will be able to drive on the new section while the old road is removed,” he said.
A marked detour will send traffic around the area using Bandshell, Park Lane, Jerol Avenue, and Edgehill Road. Drivers will still be able to exit the Behringer-Crawford Museum parking lot, although they will only be able to turn right.
The realignment moves Prisoner’s Lake Drive to the west, expands the parking lot across from Wayne Road, and improves safety and drainage.
“It also will free up some land on the west side of the lake for future recreational purposes,” said Rosie Santos, Covington’s Parks & Recreation Manager. “We’re weighing different ideas.”
The 3.8-acre lake is a popular fishing spot and is regularly stocked by the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources with catfish and rainbow trout. It’s the home of the City’s annual Fishing Derby for youth.
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