National Pet Day: We miss 'Billy'

'Billy' in happier times, munching on the table.


COVINGTON. Ky. -- On National Pet Day, our thoughts turn mournfully to the member of our family who is no longer with us. 

Our little “fur baby” (although technically we guess “Billy” was more like our “precious wooden darling”) went missing last September after being with us only three months, last seen sitting at a picnic table in Mad Hatter Park on Scott Street.
Today he would be close to a year old.
Covington Economic Development staff lovingly and skillfully sawed the goat from a piece of pine and attached him to the Department’s entry in the Northern Kentucky Picnic Table Project last spring.
And then he wandered off, or was kid-napped, or ... WE JUST DON’T KNOW.
But we miss him so.
And although we’ve pretty much lost hope, we repeat: If you see our pet - described by Police Chief Rob Nader as “approximately 30 inches tall, weighing about 3 pounds, with an eye-catching profile but very thin build” - please call us. Just like Crime Stoppers, all tips will remain anonymous.
(EDITOR’S NOTE: The sad story, as originally announced, can be found

Renaissance Covington helpfully put our Billy on a milk carton for us.

What we fear Billy looks like now in this age progression photo.