Covington featured on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition

Cincinnati Edition host Michael Monks, Covington Economic Development Director Tom West, and Mayor Joe Meyer in the WVXU studio, with a producer in the background.


COVINGTON, Ky. - “Covington’s Resurgence” was the topic of the first half of WVXU radio’s Cincinnati Edition today. 

Hosted by Michael Monks, the show featured Covington Mayor Joe Meyer and Economic Development Director Tom West and covered a range of topics, including the vibrant energy in Covington’s urban core and the value of small businesses.
To listen to a recording of the show, click HERE.
Asked at the start to explain his city’s new energy, Mayor Meyer explained it like this:
“We’re beneficiaries of the megatrend where people realize that the urban form is really an attractive place to live. The walkability, the socialization opportunities that come from it, the fact that you don’t have to have a car, the fact that it’s not sterile, the mixed-use environment. The opportunity to live, work, eat, enjoy recreational opportunities right at your doorstep is really a great way to live,” the Mayor said.
“And more and more people are appreciating that, so we’re seeing the mass exodus from the city to suburbia beginning to turn around.”
Other topics of the quick-moving conversation: 
  • How the organic nature of much of the development in Covington contributes to its sustainability. 
  • City Hall’s instincts in knowing when to guide and help development and when to “get out of the way.” 
  • The search for jobs. 
  • Issues surrounding the future of the 23-acre IRS site downtown. 
  • Incentives, initiatives, and a developing “action plan” designed to spread growth into neighborhood business districts.
 Discussions about the Latonia Shopping Center.
Monks said Greater Cincinnati listeners should expect more guests from Covington and Northern Kentucky on the call-in program in the future.
“It was my goal when I took over as host of Cincinnati Edition to make sure there is space for Northern Kentucky views, voices, and issues,” Monks said. “Covington's story is an important one to the entire Cincinnati metro area and is arguably the most important story in Northern Kentucky, which is why I have devoted the better part of the past eight years to writing about it through The River City News and now talking about it in my new role at WVXU.”
Cincinnati Edition airs Monday through Friday from noon to 1 p.m. on WVUX at 91.7 FM.
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