Covington vs. Polar Vortex ‘Jayden’

Here’s the lonely view from inside the salt truck driven by the City’s current “snow commander,” Parks and Facilities Supervisor Brad Schwenke, as he drove north on Western Avenue in the middle of the night.


COVINGTON, Ky. -- Members of Covington’s Snow and Ice Team hit the roads in brutally cold temperatures at midnight last night to begin treating the City’s streets. 

Public Works Director Rick Davis said the City had used 226 tons of road salt for this storm as of late this morning, “though we still have a little bit of cleanup work left to do.”
As of this posting, The Weather Channel said wind from the storm -- a meteorological phenomenon called a polar vortex that it dubbed "Jayden" -- was making the 1-degree temperature feel like 18 degrees below zero.
The Snow and Ice Team’s dedicated response this winter continues to be appreciated.
For example, an unsolicited email from a resident of the Monte Casino neighborhood high on the hill sent to City Hall this morning said this:
“I would just like to say what a wonderful job you guys do taking care of the roads - especially up here where I live! Last week you were busy at 4:30 a.m. and just now you are out there treating the roads! I tell everyone how fortunate we are for your service! Thank you!”

One of the larger trucks in the City’s fleet hit the west side of Covington earlier today. Here are grounds workers Chad Hyland and Chad Haggard operating in the tight confines of John Street in the Botany Hills neighborhood.