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Staff at the Housing Authority of Covington’s City Heights complex play around with the traveling “comic foreground” sign that Read Ready Covington created to encourage young children to ask their parents and caregivers to read to them.
The sign spent the month of December at the Covington branch of the Kenton County Public Library and was recently moved to the City Heights community rec center, where it will stay during January.
Families are encouraged to get their pictures taken with the sign ...

Launched in early November, the early childhood literacy initiative uses reading apps as a tool to help Covington children hit the ground running in their school careers.
The apps are free for parents in Covington zip codes. The apps - Footsteps2Brilliance/CleverKidsUniversity - help parents introduce reading skills to their children and share time reading together.
Many children in Covington are already registered.
These include children who participate in the federal Head Start program, who attend the James E. Biggs Early Childhood Education Center, or who are in kindergarten, 1st grade or 2nd grade in one of Covington’s public and parochial schools. Parents can log in with their child’s “super secret” code to enroll themselves.
Covington residents who have children attending day-care centers or who are not in any early childhood program in the City can go to to create free parent and children accounts.
Posters with the words “Read Ready Covington” (or “Listo A Leer Covington”) are appearing in storefront windows around the City.
To get a poster, or for more information about Read Ready Covington or the apps, contact Mary Kay Connolly at