City thanks Commissioners Huizenga, Wells as 'champions' of Covington

The service of outgoing Covington City Commissioners Jordan Huizenga, left, and Bill Wells have made them “true champions of Covington,” their colleagues said tonight.


COVINGTON, Ky. - Covington said good-bye to two two-term City Commissioners tonight with words of thanks, formal resolutions, and presents. 

Jordan Huizenga and Bill Wells were first elected in fall 2014, were re-elected in 2016, and have each served two terms. Tonight was the Commission’s last meeting for the year and their last meeting on that governing body.
“Jordan and Bill have done their utmost to move the City forward,” Mayor Joe Meyer said from the floor. “They’ve been true champions of Covington.”
To thank Huizenga and Wells for their service, the Commission read and passed resolutions of gratitude tailored to each Commissioner.
“Commissioner Huizenga has stood up for children and youth, encouraged city government to find creative ways to ‘do more with less,’ and helped to shepherd the City through tough decisions while still creating new energy in the northern urban core,” reads one resolution in part.
Reads the other, also in part: “Commissioner Wells has proved that he is a champion for the City’s neighborhoods, especially South Covington and Latonia, and has proven a strong voice for fire and police services, fiscal responsibility and transparency, and efficient management of the City’s fleet.”
The resolutions also thanked the pair for giving so much time and energy to organizations, initiatives and volunteer efforts outside their elective office but still aimed at making the City a better place.
The two Commissioners were each given framed copies of their resolutions and scroll saw-cut wood depictions of the Roebling Suspension Bridge from Grainwell boutique market on Pike Street.
Returning Commissioners Michelle Williams and Tim Downing praised their colleagues, and Huizenga and Wells had praise for each other as well.
Said Huizenga of Wells: “Bill is absolutely one of the most studious, intentional, and intelligent people I’ve had the privilege of working with.”
Said Wells of Huizenga, “Jordan has brought (the issue of) education to City Hall.”
Both Commissioners thanked their colleagues at the City and the people of Covington for their trust and confidence.
“I’m not planning on going anywhere,” Huizenga said, ending with a message of collaboration. “Regardless of how much we agree or disagree on things, what (political) party you belong to, what neighborhood you live in, whether you live on the north side of the City or the south side, the thing to recognize is that we all want to make this a better place.”
Wells said this: “Every night I write the same number down: 40,640. That’s how many people I work for.”
And that, he urged incoming Commissioners Denny Bowman and Shannon Smith, is something to always remember.
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