How are we doing?

Ongoing survey focuses on customer service


COVINGTON, Ky. - The City of Covington is seeking feedback with an ongoing Customer Satisfaction Survey that will be posted on the City’s website.

It’s short, with only a handful of questions, a numerical rating, and a place for comments - and it’s designed to collect insight on employees’ interactions with the public.
The comments are what should prove most helpful, City Manager David Johnston said.
“We’re looking for specific suggestions on how we can better interact with residents and businesses when they call or stop in,” Johnston said. “Detailed descriptions of the interaction - with a focus on what we did right or how we can improve - will help guide us going forward.”
The City knows it’s opening itself up to the so-called “trolls” who lurk on social media just to call names and criticize, but if residents who deal with City Hall take the opportunity seriously, then it’ll be worth it, he said.
“Historically, people who are unhappy talk the loudest, as the saying goes, but if people are sincere in how they approach this survey - if they give constructive feedback rather than just bad-mouth - then we can improve the service we deliver,” he said.
“In government, the local level is where the proverbial rubber meets the road, so it’s imperative that we do ‘customer service’ well ... and as officials across the nation will tell you, there’s always room for improvement.”
The survey can be directly accessed HERE. Or go to the City’s website, found HERE, scroll down and click on the “How are we doing?” survey icon.
Todd Sink, the City’s Manager of Analytics & Intelligence, will aggregate and analyze the survey responses and deliver monthly reports to department heads and other leaders at the City.
“My message to residents is that we are taking this seriously, and we are going to use your comments to improve what we do,” Sink said.

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