iWorQ Service Request app ‘fixed’

COVINGTON, Ky. - iWorQ is back in business.
The computer woes that temporarily shut down the app and online portal that residents can use to bring infrastructure problems to the City’s attention have been fixed.
Residents should be able to use it again without problems, said Kendall Huff, the City’s System Analyst/Project Manager.
Covington implemented the iWorQ software back in June as part of a broader effort to modernize how work orders are assigned and tracked within its Public Works Department.
Outside City Hall, residents can use iWorQ to report problems like a pothole, crumbling sidewalk, broken playground equipment, or problems with street signs and trees in the public right of way. The phone app also allows residents to take a picture and upload with their request, reducing confusion and narrowing down locations, he said.
The iWorQ tool also allows residents to track their requests, which reduces frustration and increases accountability.
Using iWorQ
  • Residents can sign up for the system by downloading the iWorQ Service Request application from the app store on their phone or by going to The “agency code” is Cov01. 
  • Or they can access the portal through a “City of Covington/Public Works Service Request” icon on the City’s website, which can be found HERE. (Scroll down the page.) 
  • Residents have two options in using the app to report a problem: Create a free user-specific account or make a request as “a guest.” Residents who create their own accounts and file more than one request will see a list of their requests over time, along with trackable work request numbers. 
  • Actually creating the work order requires just answering a few basic questions and submitting the request. 
  • Along with the app, Covington has created an accompanying email account,, that is linked to the work order system. 
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