Computer woes interfering with iWorQ

COVINGTON, Ky. - If you’re having problems notifying the City of Covington about infrastructure problems through our iWorQ Service Request app and online portal, it’s not you.
It’s us ... or rather problems with the app.
The City’s IT department is working to fix the problem, and we’ll let you know when that is accomplished.
Covington implemented the iWorQ software back in June as part of a broader effort to modernize how work orders are assigned and tracked within its Public Works Department.
Under the online tool or phone app, residents can report a problem (such as a pothole, crumbling sidewalk or broken playground equipment) and fill out the work order themselves using their phone or computer. The phone app also allows residents to take a picture and upload with their request, reducing confusion and narrowing down locations, he said.
The iWorQ tool also allows residents to track their requests, which reduces frustration and increases accountability.
Until the app is working again, residents who notice a problem can send an email to, which is linked to the work order system, or call (859) 292-2292.
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