Tree-planting event Saturday in desperate need

Volunteers planted almost 50 trees along sidewalks in the Austinburg neighborhood in April. Now it's Latonia's turn.

COVINGTON, Ky. - A dozen reasons to help plant streetscape trees in Latonia on Saturday: 

  • You like to dig in dirt. 
  • You need exercise. 
  • Moonrise doughnuts and Bean Haus coffee. 
  • Mother Earth needs you. 
  • Your neighbors are cool - hang with them. 
  • You appreciate clean air and shade. 
  • #LoveTheCov is a call to action, not just a slogan. 
  • In this era of depressing turmoil, you want to do something positive and helpful. 
  • Crisp autumn mornings are the best. 
  • You’re curious about the “right tree/right place” philosophy, and the species that will replace the much-maligned Bradford pear. 
  • Blacktop and concrete look better with a touch of green. 
  • Your family does things together (and your kids need service hours at school). 
No matter what motivates you - and we just provided some darn good reasons, if we say so ourselves - the City of Covington desperately needs your help Saturday planting over 80 trees from 9 a.m. to noon along sidewalks on Rosina and Ashland avenues in West Latonia.
“This event will host more trees than we have ever planted in one day, which is what has me worried,” said Crystal Courtney, the City’s Urban Forester. “Not many people have committed to showing up, and we need all the help we can get.”
The logistics:
Volunteers should meet at 8:30 at Barb Cook Park at the corner of Ashland and Madison avenues. Wear clothes that can get dirty, of course, and sturdy footwear (boots, not sandals). If you have gloves and a shovel, bring them, but extras will be available. No special expertise is needed: Experts and experienced volunteers will demonstrate proper tree-planting technique.

Volunteers are encouraged but not required to register through the Covington Urban Forestry Board’s Facebook page, HERE.
(As a special treat, Courtney said, Bean Haus Bakery & Café is providing coffee, and a community member is providing doughnuts from Moonrise.)
According to a tree inventory last year, Latonia has the most vacant planting sites in the City, Courtney said. Many of those spots used to hold Bradford pears, which are prone to splitting in heavy wind and grow too large for areas with overhead wires.
She has carefully selected trees to go in various spots depending on their size, including Princeton elm, Persian ironwood, Kwanzan cherry, Autumn Brilliance serviceberry, and a cultivar called Wireless Zelkova
“This is going to be a great day for Latonia,” Courtney said. “We will add over 80 trees to a very tree-poor area, which will beautify the streets, slow the traffic, raise property values, and most importantly provide shade for pedestrians taking a stroll through this beautiful neighborhood.
“My plea to anyone reading this: Come and make a difference.”
# # #