Dye test to turn Ohio River red

COVINGTON, Ky. - If the Ohio River looks a little red next week, it’s neither a chemical spill nor an act of vandalism nor the aftermath of a massive fish battle.
Just a dye test.
Three agencies - Greater Cincinnati Water Works, in cooperation with the Northern Kentucky Water District and the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission - will be doing research to better understand the flow dynamics of the river, according to memo from the Water District.
“Valuable information and data will be obtained which will provide for more effective response to spills or other contamination events in the river,” the Water District said.
As part of the study, dye will be spilled into the river three times during the week of Oct. 8 near the Combs-Hehl Bridge, which carries Interstate 275 across the river.
While it will likely turn portions of the river a shade of red downstream, the dye is harmless to the river, humans, and aquatic life, the District said.
The research is important given that the region draws its drinking water from the river.
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