More sidewalks, curbs made ADA compliant

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New curb cuts on Second Street at the alley between Kennedy and Garrard streets are now ADA-compliant.


COVINGTON, Ky. – As part of the City’s ongoing work to make sidewalks accessible to those in wheelchairs or dealing with other disabilities, Covington recently installed ADA-compliant curb ramps on corners in the Licking Riverside neighborhood.

In this latest round of ramp installation, Hendy Inc. worked on curbs at intersections on Riverside Drive and Second Street, said William Matteoli, Assistant Project Engineer for the City. Hendy, from Cleves, is Covington’s yearly maintenance concrete contractor.

The City routinely installs handicap-accessible curb ramps as part of any paving project, sidewalk repairs or street reconstruction, Matteoli said. But periodically it also does separate ramp-only work that complies with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

The cost was built into the annual sidewalk maintenance budget.

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