Back-to-school special: Sidewalk fixes near 6th District

COVINGTON, Ky. - The crumbling sidewalks that children use to get to school at Sixth District Elementary will soon be fixed.
A contract with TMS Construction of Fort Thomas for nearly a quarter of a million dollars - at a cost of no more than $244,870, to be exact - is expected to be approved as part of the consent agenda of the Covington City Commission during its legislative meeting tonight, Tuesday.
The work will tear out and rebuild the worst of the broken sidewalk sections in the Austinburg neighborhood around the school, whose address is 1901 Maryland Ave. The repairs include 15 sections on five different streets around the school.
The work should begin next month and finish in September or November, said Rick Davis, Director of Covington's Public Works Department. The City is meeting with the contractor to set a schedule and will coordinate work with residents and the school.
"It's important that we make these sidewalks as safe as possible for kids walking and biking to school," Davis said.
The work is funded through an 80/20 split, with $200,000 from the federal Safe Routes to School (Transportation Alternatives) program and $50,000 from City-issued bonds.
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