Rain delays Latonia Avenue reconstruction

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COVINGTON, Ky. - The long-awaited reconstruction of Latonia Avenue will be delayed by the recent rain.
The contractor for the project, Riegler Blacktop, notified the City this week that complications from the wet weather will push back the anticipated start date of the project about two weeks - from the week of April 30 to the second week of May.
That new date also is dependent on the weather.
"Unfortunately, Mother Nature sometimes interferes with even high-priority projects," said Rick Davis, Covington's Public Works Director.
Once work begins, however, the project will kick into high gear pretty quickly, officials said.
The $631,000 project is the second phase of the complete rebuild of Latonia Avenue, a heavily traveled connector between Madison Pike and Winston Avenue through West Latonia. This phase focuses on the section from West Southern Avenue to a point south of West 35th Street.
When finished, the project will feature not only a total curb-to-curb reconstruction but also new water lines (already installed) and a separation of the problematic combined-sewer system. The existing sewer line will be used only for sanitary sewage, and a new network for storm water will be installed.
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