New contract kicks summer repaving program into high gear

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COVINGTON, Ky. - Get ready for the smell of fresh asphalt.
The City of Covington’s annual repaving program should begin in mid-May and finish within three months, thanks to a contract approved Tuesday night by the City Commission.
The Commission voted 5-0 to contract with Bluegrass Paving, Inc. of Florence for an amount not to exceed $694,262.87, which includes money set aside for potential change orders.
The company was the lowest responsive bidder of four bids opened on April 11, and Covington has had good experiences with the company on previous projects, Public Works Director Rick Davis said.
“I can’t wait for them to get started,” Davis said. “Repaving is a critical part of infrastructure maintenance. It not only creates a smooth drive for residents but also increases the longevity of our streets by improving drainage and fixing erosion.”
Davis said about three dozen streets will be repaved in an array of neighborhoods, including South Covington, West Latonia, Monte Casino, Austinburg, Peaselburg, Eastside, Helentown and Wallace Woods. The City is divided into three quadrants, and every three years the worst streets in each quadrant are repaved.
The full list of streets to be repaved is below.
The dates and a schedule won’t be set until City officials sit down with the contractor at a pre-construction meeting. Residents will be notified by mail, e-mail and signs before work starts on their street, Davis said.
He noted that some of the work includes putting asphalt on top of existing concrete streets, which makes for a smoother ride. “Drivers should appreciate the work when it’s finished - there’s nothing smoother than freshly laid blacktop,” he said.
The repaving program is funded by a combination of federal Community Development Block Grants and state-distributed Municipal Road Aid Capital Improvement Funds.
The streets to be repaved this summer:
Section 2 (Eastside to West Latonia etc.)
  • 13th Street East, from Greenup to Wheeler
  • 15th Street East, from Madison to Scott
  • 15th Street West, from Madison to east RR bridge edge
  • 15th Street West, from west RR bridge edge to Russell
  • 16th Street East, from Greenup to Garrard
  • 18th Street East, from Greenup to Garrard
  • 20th Street East, from Garrard to Denver
  • 21st Street West, from Russell to Howell
  • 22nd Street West, from Center to Russell
  • 23rd Street West, from Center to Busse
  • 28th Street West, from Sehon to Decoursey
  • Augustine, from 19th St. to 21st St.
  • Benton, from guard shack to Highland
  • Casino, from Monte to south cul-de-sac
  • Center, from 23rd St. to south end
  • Collins, from north end to 16th St.
  • Durret, from west end to Eastern
  • Eastern, from 15th St. to 16th St.
  • Emery, from Highland to end
  • Garrard, from 12th St. to Trevor
  • Highland, from Benton to Henry Clay
  • Rays Lane, from Highland to south end
  • Rogers, from Madison to 28th St.
  • Trevor, from Greenup to Wheeler
  • Wheeler, from edge concrete to Trevor
  • Wheeler, from 13th St. to Pleasant
  • Wheeler, from Byrd to 15th St.
Section 2A (part of South Covington)
  • Blueridge, from Hands to Boots
  • Boots, from concrete section to Blueridge
  • Ridgeport, from Hands to north end
  • Tando Way, from Juarez to Bluffside
  • Blueridge, from concrete to east end
  • Ferndale, from Meadow Hill to west end
  • Fishing Creek, from west end to east end
  • Larch, from Juniper to north end
  • Tamarack, from Hands to Ridgecrest
  • Tando Way, from Pitman to Otter
  • Juniper, from Ridgecrest to west cul-de-sac
  • Hawksridge, from asphalt to north end
  • Bluffside, from Tando to Crystal Lake
  • Horizon, from Juarez to east cul-de-sac