Wayman Branch Road to close for emergency repair

COVINGTON, Ky. - A section of Wayman Branch Road - which links Ky. 16 and Ky. 17 south of Pioneer Park - will be closed for three days beginning Monday for emergency repair.
Water draining down the hill from the north has undercut the road bed, creating a deep crack along the center line and causing one lane to drop about 6 inches lower than the other, Covington Public Works Director Rick Davis said.
About 90 feet of road is damaged. Depending on the weather, work will start Monday and end sometime Wednesday.
Wayman Branch will be closed at Rockwood Drive to the west and the Covington-Taylor Mill line to the east. Residents who live in the houses along that section will be able to get to their homes. Through traffic will be routed around the repairs, likely onto Hands Pike.
Covington will do an emergency fix to the road for the time being with the possibility of a more permanent fix later, Davis said. Crews will grind down the road to make it level and then add a thick layer of asphalt and smooth it out.
Erosion has been a persistent problem along Wayman Branch because of run-off and because Wayman Branch Creek, which runs along the narrow road, is prone to jump its banks after heavy rain.
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