City Seeks Applications for Evidence Technician

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The City is currently seeking an Evidence Technician to join our Police Department.
  • Job Title: Evidence Technician 
  • Department: Police Department 
  • Salary: $43,462.90
Under general supervision, the Evidence Technician duties include but are not limited to; collection, preservation, processing and presentation of physical evidence at crime and accident scenes.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Process major crime scenes including the collection, identification, and preservation of physical evidence.
  • Photograph, video tape, and diagram crime scenes.
  • Process and develop latent fingerprints and perform field tests on chemicals, body fluids, and foreign substances found at crime scenes.
  • Attend and retrieve evidence from autopsies.
  • Maintain evidence logs, the chain of custody of evidence and the transporting of evidence to and from laboratories and court.
  • Testify in court.
All applications must be completed on-line.  Applications will be accepted until Thursday, February 8, 2018.

For full job description, qualifications and application, please visit