South Covington Fire Station Full Service Restored

COVINGTON, Ky. - Full fire and ambulance service was restored to the South Covington Fire Station on October 30, 2017.
Staffing at the South Covington fire station had been reduced by two firefighters per shift in July 2015 due to personnel cuts in the fire department, eliminating ambulance service at Company 5 on Hands Pike.  
For the past two years South Covington was served by an ambulance operating out of the Latonia station raising concerns about critical delays due to lengthy travel times.
Recently a new class of firefighters was sworn in, replacing four retirees and adding eight additional firefighters due to receipt of federal grant funds. The fire department's daily staffing was raised from 26 to 28 firefighters.
The increase in staffing allowed the city to add two firefighters per shift to Company 5, restoring full service to the South Covington. Company 5 now has one Fire Engine and one Ambulance, with five staff members on duty at a time. This improves response times for the ambulance and increases fire protection in the neighborhood.
The South Covington Fire House has also undergone recent improvements featuring a new roof, windows, and updated bathroom.
Restoration of the fire service honors the commitment made to South Covington residents in ORD-195-17 adopted by the city commission on June 27, 2017.