Covington to Approve Lateral Hires for Police

COVINGTON, Ky. - The City Commission has approved allowing lateral hires for police officers.
Previously, the Covington Code of Ordinances did not allow the lateral hire of police officers and firefighters.
The change in the law was approved Tuesday evening.
Chief of Police Rob Nader states, "I want to thank our Legal Department for completing the updates to the ordinance.  This task was a several month process that will allow us the same flexibility as neighboring departments in hiring trained police officers.
"Under the new ordinance, we can hire Police Officers through lateral transfer which is mandated by state law. By adding this section it will give the Police Department the advantage of skipping the written test and eligibility list when hiring an already qualified and trained officer." 
Nader explains, "Considering the backlog at the 23-week Police Academy in Richmond, where the first openings available are in April 2018, this ordinance will give us the latitude to fill our vacancies.  We have had trained and experienced officers from other departments express interest in joining our team and this will give them the ability to do so without having to wait for the written exam that occurs once every two years.  Upon approval of the ordinance we will publicize information regarding the application process."
This could save the city costs from administering the test and improve the quality of our police force by making it easier to hire qualified, experienced, and trained officers, said Nader.
In addition, the new ordinance will allow lateral transfers of firefighters. The hiring of qualified and trained firefighters by lateral entry is governed by a working agreement with IAFF Local 38.