Department of Public Improvement Employees Save Life While on Duty; City Honors Men for Their Heroism

COVINGTON, KY – The City of Covington presented seasonal Department of Public Improvement employee William Thompson and former employee Zach Sullivan with “Health & Safety” award certificates, honoring them for their heroic actions in saving a man’s life. The presentation took place at the City’s September Safety Committee meeting.

On July 14, 2017, Sullivan and Thompson were performing their normal duties at the Kenny Shields Park near Ninth Street and Philadelphia Street when they noticed what appeared to be two subjects fighting.

A call to the 911 Dispatcher was made to request assistance. The Kenton County Dispatcher alerted the workers that there was not an altercation, but a need for CPR was vital.

Thanks to their recent safety training, the two men were able to respond. When they arrived to help, they discovered the individual face down on a puddle of water and mud.

Sullivan arrived first and rolled the person over and determined CPR was needed. After beginning compressions, the person appeared to show signs of life. CPR was performed until First Responders arrived.

Responding Covington Police Officer Jennifer Rudolph arrived on the scene along with Ambulance No. 1 Paramedic Rob Huser, EMT Michael Koeninger and Pumper No. 6 with Acting Lt. Engineer/Paramedic Rob Langguth, Acting Engineer Zack Williams and Firefighter/Paramedic Neil McKinley.

The individual was then transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

Public Works Director/Assistant City Engineer Rick Davis commended, both Sullivan and Thompson for their efforts. He stated, “These gentlemen received the appropriate training, became involved and aware of the situation, then implemented quick actions for the lives of others. These are selfless acts of heroism and should be recognized."

The two rescuers both completed a First-Aid/CPR/AED training provided by Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI) on June 20, 2017. Sullivan also serves on the Crescent Springs Fire Department and began his EMT training in August 2017.

Risk Manager Bob Stark stated, “We never know when an emergency will occur or where, but thanks to proper training these two men were able to assess the situation and respond accordingly, saving another man’s life.”

The City continues to advance its safety measures and will be adding location markers with reference numbers throughout Devou Park trails and other City owned trails. The location marker initiative was developed in efforts to provide quicker response times in the event an emergency occurs.