Board of Commissioners Authorize Fire & Police Department Promotions

COVINGTON, KY – On Tuesday evening, the Board of Commissioners approved thirteen promotions within the Fire Department and four promotions within the Police Department.

Beginning with the Police Department, Captain Pat Swift was promoted to Assistant Chief of Services.  Captain Swift has served with the Covington Police Department for over 26 years.  He has a master’s degree from University of Louisville in Justice Administration and is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute Administrative Officer’s Course.

Swift stated, “I’d like to thank the Mayor and Commission for this opportunity and I look forward to the challenge it will bring. After 26 years, it is still an honor and privilege to serve my community.”

Swift filled the position left vacant by Assistant Chief of Services Brian Steffen, who the Commission approved to the appointment of Assistant Chief of Operations the same evening.  

Steffen stated, “I look forward to my new position as the Assistant Chief of Operations and I hope I can keep the same high level of service and leadership as my predecessor. “

Upon Chief Bryan Carter’s retirement, Assistant Chief of Operations Robert Nader assumed the Chief of Police position on September 1, leaving the position vacant.

As a result of Chief Nader’s promotion, the four following promotions within the Police Department have been authorized to occur, effective September 17, 2017:

  • Promotion of Captain Patrick Swift to Assistant Chief of Services
  • Promotion of Lieutenant Brian Valenti to Captain
  • Promotion of Sergeant Justin Wietholter to Lieutenant
  • Promotion of Detective James West to Sergeant

The promotion to Assistant Chief was a recommendation by the Chief of Police to the City Manager for approval by the Board of Commissioners. The ranks of Captain through Sergeant are determined by the established promotional process governed by the Police and Fire Board.

Chief Robert Nader stated, “It is an exciting time. They are much deserved promotions that will help propel the department in a positive direction. 

“I thank both the officers and their families for their dedication to the profession and look forward to working with everyone in their new roles in the upcoming days.”

Additionally, the Board of Commissioners authorized an order approving the employment of John Mairose III as a Grade 1 Patrol Officer in the Covington Police Department, effective September 24, 2017.

Mairose is currently enrolled at Northern Kentucky University as a Communications Studies major with a Criminal Justice area of concentration, minoring in Spanish. He joined the Covington Police Department as a Police Cadet in May 2015.

The Police Department is currently staffed with 109 police officers of the allotted 110 manpower.

Board of Commissioners Authorize Thirteen Promotions within Covington Fire Department

Also at the meeting, the Board of Commissioners authorized thirteen promotions within the Fire Department.

Effective September 10, 2017, the following promotions occurred:

  • Promotion of Captain/Paramedic Michael Bloemer to Battalion Chief
  • Promotion of Captain Micah Foster to Battalion Chief
  • Promotion of Lieutenant/Paramedic Tara Black to Captain Paramedic
  • Promotion of Lieutenant/Paramedic Douglas Veselsky to Captain/Paramedic
  • Promotion of Lieutenant Corey Deye to Captain
  • Promotion of Lieutenant John Hofstetter to Captain
  • Promotion of Engineer Craig Vogelpohl to Lieutenant
  • Promotion of Engineer Gary Rucker  to Lieutenant
  • Promotion of Firefighter Amy Gray to Lieutenant
  • Promotion of Firefighter Daniel DeCarlo to Lieutenant
  • Promotion of Firefighter/Paramedic Scott Moellinger to Engineer/Paramedic
  • Promotion of Firefighter David Studer to Engineer
  • Promotion of Firefighter Tim Reder to Engineer

Fire Chief Dan Mathew stated, “I want to congratulate all of the hardworking and dedicated individuals promoted tonight and it is about time for some others!

“Thank you to all the families that came out tonight. They are the backbone that supports the department’s members.”

Upon the retirement of Captain Dan Frederick, Battalion Chiefs Eric Matheny and Seth Poston, Assistant Chief Chris Black and Engineer Nick Nazzarine, effective August 31, several positions within the Fire Department were left vacant.

As a result, promotional opportunities were made available. Positions were filled and recommended by Chief Mathew based on the results of the promotional testing process as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

Upon completion of the current recruit firefighter class, the Fire Department will be staffed with 122 personnel.