Covington Fire Department Repairs Fire Boat; Utilizes Resources to Save Tax Payers Money

COVINGTON, KY – The Covington Fire Department completed repairs to its emergency fire boat. The boat was put back into service on Thursday, July 27, 2017.

Project repairs were completed in-house by a crew of 20 Covington Company 1 firefighters, primarily those on second shift, saving the City thousands in tax dollars. The project was managed by Battalion Chief Seth Poston and Assistant Fire Chief Mark Pierce.

Battalion Chief Seth Poston stated, “It took a lot of hard work, but we’re very pleased to have the repairs completed and the boat back in the water.

“It cost the City less than $20,000 to complete the project. If we were to have outsourced this sort of work, it would have cost approximately $125,000 to $150,000 to make the repairs.”

Due to deteriorating conditions, the boat was deemed unfit for use and was removed from the Ohio River in February, 2017.

Repairs included eight new coats of paint to protect the boat’s undercoat, sandblasting the boat haul to remove corrosion, fixed dock bumper protectors and repairs to the boat’s fire pump engine.

The Covington Department of Public Improvement (DPI) employees assisted the Fire Department with the sandblasting and the heavy lifting of the boat’s fire pump engine.

Interim City Manager Loren Wolff stated, “Our firefighters, DPI employees and staff often look for ways to contribute and save funds when they can. This is an example of the firefighters going above and beyond to help the City save money and provide public safety service.”

Anchored at BB Riverboats, the Covington Fire Department boat is currently the only continually manned emergency boat docked in the water throughout the Cincinnati area.

The Fire Department takes the boat out twice a week to maintain the boat’s seaworthiness, or if needed in case of water emergencies.

Purchased in 2010, the boat’s repairs are another example of the City’s continued investment to ensure its citizens receive the highest caliber of safety throughout Covington, both on and off the water.