Covington Fire Department Renovates Company 2; Relocates Pumper No. 2 Temporarily

COVINGTON, KY – The Covington Fire Department is scheduled to begin structural renovations to its Company 2 fire station starting Saturday, July 29, 2017. The Company 2 fire station is located in West Covington at 1252 Parkway Avenue.

As a result, Pumper No. 2 will be temporarily relocated to the Company 1 fire station located at the corner of Scott and Robbins streets.

Fire Department management does not anticipate any changes or delays in response times due to the pumper’s temporary relocation.

As fire equipment and vehicle weight increased over the years, renovations were deemed necessary to stabilize the structure of the fire station.

Renovations are expected to last approximately three weeks. Once completed, Pumper No. 2 will be moved back to the Company 2 fire station.