City Issues Update on Latonia Water Main Break

COVINGTON, KY – On Monday, July 10, a water main break occurred at 36th Street and Church Street in Latonia, causing pavement damage in the intersection and flood damage to several households in the area.

The City has been in contact with the Northern Kentucky Water District and its insurance provider Bilz Insurance to confirm details of the water main break and to provide information to those impacted.

The City received confirmation that water has been restored and that households are back up to full pressure. The NKY Water District is doing immediate triage to assess damage and has cleaning crews out at this time.

The NKY Water District is responsible for cleaning homes and will pay for pods to store salvageable belongings for those affected by the flooding. Homeowners are responsible for removing all debris from their homes. Once debris is removed, homes will be sanitized by Jolly Property Rescue. Dumpsters will be provided for debris.

The City met with the NKY Water District on site to assess the situation and determine the restoration work that will need to be done to repair the pavement. The NKY Water District intends to have contractors working on the restoration by this weekend. Weather depending, street restoration should take approximately one to two weeks.

Concerned homeowners should contact Tom Youtsey with Bilz Insurance at 859-655-2769 or Jason Kidd with Jolly Property Rescue at 859-801-8472.

For safety concerns, homeowners should contact the NKY Water District Account Services Department immediately at 859-578-9898.