Covington Recreation Division Seeks Public Feedback for Proposed Sponsorship Program

COVINGTON, KY –The City of Covington Recreation Division is currently seeking feedback regarding its proposed Sponsorship Program for events and programs taking place in Covington.

While City resources have become increasingly limited over the past several years, the interest and capacity for community-driven public events and programs continues to grow. As a result, the Recreation Division is frequently approached to provide support.  

The purpose of the proposed sponsorship program is to provide financial assistance and/or resource support to an individual, organization, neighborhood association or any other entity seeking to host a community driven program or event.

In addition, the sponsorship program seeks to bolster the City’s capacity to support more events and strives to improve fairness and transparency. The program is defined by the following levels of support:

  • City Sponsorship - The City of Covington provides monetary donations, park access, and/or rents out supplies.
  • City Partnership –Recreation staff works in collaboration with community residents or agencies to deliver events or programs. Including, but not limited to, participating in the planning, coordination or evaluation. The City may likely also sponsor partnership programs/events.
  • City Program/Event –Recreation staff is solely responsible for planning coordination, implementing and evaluation or program or event. Staff may accept outside sponsorship or partnership as warranted.

Parks & Recreation Manager Rosie Santos stated, “The City understands the importance of these services and the community’s need for them.

“We want to make sure the events and programs sponsored align with our division’s goals and that we’re able to provide a fair and transparent process when it comes to the distribution of annual funds.”

Those interested in the program will be required to complete an application. Funding for City sponsored events will be dispersed based on the applicant’s alignment with the Recreation Division’s mission to build community and promote quality of life, as well as alignment with the goals of the sponsorship program.

Sponsorship program goals include:

· Increasing accessibility for people of all backgrounds

· Connecting to nature and lively citizenship through environmental education

· Building relationships and community connections

· Encouraging outdoor adventure and exploration

· Promoting of healthy lifestyles through health education

· Conserving and preserving green and recreational spaces


Additionally, featured in the proposed sponsorship program, funding would be distributed into four neighborhood quadrants: North Covington (West of the Railroad), North Covington (East of the Railroad), Latonia/City Heights/Monte Casino/Kuhrs Lane, and South Covington. Each of these four quadrants would receive funding for three City sponsored programs a year, equating to a total of 12 City sponsored programs throughout Covington.

The City is requesting feedback for the proposed sponsorship program and is asking the public to provide its feedback by completing a short survey. Please click here to reference the sponsorship program information packet when completing the survey.

Take the short survey here!

Responses received from the survey will used to determine the next steps in the finalizing the City’s sponsorship program.

For more information on the sponsorship program, contact the City’s Recreation Division at 859.292.2151 or