Board of Commissioners Authorize Municipal Solutions, LLC to Conduct Organizational Analysis; Opportunity to Increase City’s Efficiency and Effectiveness

COVINGTON, KY – On Tuesday evening, the Board of Commissioners authorized the consulting firm Municipal Solutions, LLC to conduct an organizational analysis, providing the City with the opportunity to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and utilization of its resources.

Municipal Solutions will manage a comprehensive examination of the City’s personnel, policies, practices, processes and procedures during the organizational analysis.

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Principal David Evertsen stated, “The purpose of the study is to create a culture of efficiency and effectiveness by first, working with staff and commission to identify opportunities for greater efficiency, then lay the groundwork for implementing much needed systems, tools and processes.”

The analysis aims to evaluate and determine if the City is acquiring, protecting and using its resources as economically and efficiently as possible and to identify the cause of inefficiencies.

Mayor Joseph U. Meyer stated, “We want to assess what’s currently working and learn more about ways in which we can improve. This is an opportunity for the City to restructure its resources and establish strategic goals and objectives.”

Specific benefits of an organizational analysis include validation of best practices and efficient use of assets, personnel and technology.

Municipal Solutions Senior Associate Bob Adams stated, “We’re a fresh set of eyes. We’ll work with staff to assess best practices and how they can be transferred across various departments.

“There are many things that are unique to Covington and essential in preserving. We want to build on the City’s successes, identify efficiencies and provide opportunities that will empower staff to implement and sustain improvements.”

Based from the evaluations and assessments, a preliminary report will be generated on the status of the interim findings and observations.

Once approved, a final report will be written expressing validation of current best practices in use, illustration of potential problems or concerns, and identification of alternatives and a cost-benefit analysis that can be implemented strategically.

Interim City Manager Loren Wolff stated, “We’re looking forward to these results. As Covington continues to grow and meet new challenges, Municipal Solutions’ evaluation will better assist the City in making sound, practical decisions when planning for the future.”

The final report is anticipated to be completed within the next 120 days. Once finalized, the report will be featured on the City’s website and available at City Hall.  

Municipal Solutions is a premier consulting firm with more than 120 Senior Associates and Analysts who provide a variety of solutions to public sector agencies throughout the United States and internationally. The firm has successfully completed more than 400 public and private-sector projects throughout the United States and training 13,000 government officials in 13 countries.

As mentioned in Public Magazine’s article, “Facing the Elephant” written by Evertsen, Municipal Solutions has conducted numerous efficiency studies with a diverse range of clients, providing comprehensive, implementable and sustainable results.

In March 2017, the City additionally contracted with Municipal Solutions to conduct a national search for the City Manager position.