City Participates in "Mayors' Monarch Pledge," Issues Proclamation of Support

On Friday, April 7, in conjunction with the Covington Neighborhood Collaborative, the Kentucky Waterway Alliance, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the National Wildlife Federation, the City of Covington participated in the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, issuing a proclamation of support.

Throughout the United States, local government officials are taking action to help save the monarch butterfly. By taking the pledge, the City is committing to restoring habitat and encouraging its residents to do the same through education as to how they can make a difference. An indicator of a healthy eco-system, monarch butterflies are essential to an environment’s success serving as a major contributor to the pollination of plants.

The City will be working directly with John Niland and Steve Hayden of the Covington Neighborhood Collaborative to create awareness and implement programs meant to conserve the monarch butterfly migration.

For more information about the Mayors' Monarch Pledge, click here.