Covington Business Recognition Program

The Covington Business Excellence Awards nomination period is closed. Thank you to all of those who voted for their favorite Covington business!

The Covington Business Recognition program acknowledges businesses in the community that have contributed to the City's economic vitality and culminates with several recognitions at an award ceremony. Open to the public, the event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, May 10 at the Madison Event Center.

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017
  • Time: 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
  • Place: The Madison Event Center, 700 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY

Award Categories and Eligibility

All businesses operating in the City of Covington are eligible.  Businesses can be nominated for any one of the following categories (businesses nominated more than once may only move forward as a finalist in one category):
  • Significant Business Growth
  • History/Longevity  
  • Community Champion  (Enhancements, Involvement, Contributions to the local community)
  • Innovation  (Introduction of a Unique or Innovative Product or Service in their field/industry)
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • New Business (business must be at least one year old and less than three years old)
  • Out of the Box (Unique/Specialty Business)  
  • Exceptional Aesthetics (Exterior Stewardship/Beautification - demonstrating attention to the exterior appearance of their presence in Covington) New for 2017!
Businesses that have been in business for 100+ years and 50+ years will receive special recognition. Please note that records do not properly reflect business start dates in some cases. As a result, the process is largely dependent on the information we receive through the nomination process.

The program will also give recognition to our Top 25 Employers and Top 25 Growth Businesses, along with recognition for the finalists and winners nominated during the public nomination process.
All nominated businesses must be in possession of a valid occupational license, zoning permit and be in good standing with the City of Covington before qualifying for an award.

Please call Suzann Gettys in the Business Development Division at 859-292-2163.

Photograph credit River City News