Former Covington Fire Chief Donald Brown Passes Away; Leaves Legacy of Vast Achievements & Service

COVINGTON, KY- On January 23, former Covington Fire Chief Donald Brown passed away at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

Brown served the Covington Fire Department for 36 years, beginning his career in 1955 and retiring as Fire Chief in 1991. Throughout his career, Brown fought several large fires, including the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire, the Lookout House entertainment club fire, and Simon Kenton High School fire. He was known for his hard work, dedication and compassion.

Former Covington Mayor Tom Beehan stated, “If someone had gone to central casting and said send me a classic fire chief, Don Brown would have arrived shortly. Unfortunately, we had some awful church fires during my time as the Mayor of Covington. Don Brown was instrumental in saving Mother of God. He put firefighters up in the rafters at the source. He loved his family and his city.

“He was everything a true public servant should be.  And because of who he was, we actually considered him part of our family. I’ve seen a lot of very good public servants, and he was one of the very best.”

Due to his vast achievements and commitment to the community, Brown was honored as a KY Colonel and sat on the Governor’s Fire Commission for the State of Kentucky. He additionally started the Children’s Fire Safety House program, educating local schools about the importance of fire safety.

Daughter Janet New stated, “He never met a stranger. He had books and books of letters and cards from residents and business owners thanking him for his services. He always extended a helping hand and was extremely involved in the community.”

Outside of his time in the U.S. Navy, Brown was a lifelong Covington resident, recently earning the title of the “Oldest Resident” in Monte Casino, Covington. He and his wife, Roberta, were honored during the COV200 Bicentennial celebration and featured on a flag in Monte Casino. The couple recently celebrated their 66th anniversary.

For decades, the Brown family has been instrumental in providing safety throughout the city and in serving the Covington Fire Department. Brown’s three sons Rick, Ron and Dale, brother Robert and nephew David, have all served as Covington firefighters and daughter Janet New worked as the Fire Department’s dispatcher.

Brown’s great nephews Chris and Matt Brown are currently serving as firefighters within the Covington Fire Department. Additionally, his grand daughter Tiffany Norris and nephew Jim Brown are also local firefighters in the area.

The visitation will be held at the Floral Hills Funeral Home, 5336 Old Taylor Mill Road, Covington, KY 41015 on Saturday, January 28 from 10 a.m. until the time of service at 1 p.m. The burial will follow immediately after in the Floral Hills Memorial Garden.

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Please note: Updates have been made to this press release to include additional family members who have greatly contributed to the safety of the area.