Roads & Infrastructure Update


Below is a list of project updates on Covington roadwork and infrastructure projects. For any additional information please contact the Covington Engineering Department at 859.292.2112.

North Covington Sidewalks

Project: The City will be removing all of the trip hazards and replacing the worst sections of sidewalks along the most heavily traveled areas in the northern part of the City.

Status: A complete inventory was taken. The trip hazard removal work has been completed.  The concrete replacement on the worst sections has begun as well.   

Riverfront Commons  

Project: This project will improve the Covington's Riverfront along the Ohio River from the base of Greenup Street, west to Route 8.

Status: The City was awarded $3.9 million in grant funds to put towards the project.  The City has received the permit from the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The City has adopted a plan to provide amenities above and beyond the base plan.  These additions need to be incorporated into the base plan before it goes out to bid.  This should happen in 2017.  The Western Walk from Madison Avenue heading west will be sent out to bid for construction in January.      

6th St. and Scott Blvd. Gateway

Project: This project will create a clear connection between the Central Business District and Mainstrasse.  Elements of the project will include underground utilities, decorative street lighting, and new sidewalks with pavers along the curb line.

Status: The project will be advertised to construction in January.   

Riverside Drive

Project: Roadway and sidewalk stabilization.

Status: The construction contract has been awarded and the construction will begin in January. 

Rivercenter Blvd. Reconstruction

Project: The City received an 80/20 matching grant from OKI for street resurfacing and other improvements to 1100 feet of Rivercenter Blvd. from West 3rd St. toward Madison Ave. Improvements include new pedestrian lighting, widening of sidewalks, and landscaping.

Status: Design work has begun and construction will occur in 2017. 

Latonia Avenue Reconstruction

Project: The City received an 80/20 matching grant from OKI for street and sidewalk reconstruction of Latonia Ave. from Southern Ave. to just east of West 36th St.

Status: Design work has begun and construction will happen in 2017.

Licking River Greenway                                                                                                             Project:  A paved trail will be constructed that will run from 8th Street to Clayton Meyer Park.   

Status: Phases II and III of the Licking River Greenway will be advertised out to bid early in 2017.