Holiday Trash & Recycling Collection Schedule and December Trash Amnesty Week

COVINGTON, KY -  The City of Covington reminds you that the trash and recycling collection schedule will not be impacted this holiday season and will continue without interruption.

In addition, a trash amnesty week is scheduled for the week of December 26 in anticipation of the busy holiday season.

"Studies show that the average family produces 25 percent more waste during the holidays," Sheila Fields, Solid Waste Coordinator, said. "We want to make sure our residents can properly dispose of this extra material."

During trash amnesty weeks, residents can place up to three large items and ten 30-gallon bags of trash at the curb without using a green sticker. This trash will be collected during regularly scheduled trash days.

Residents should still prepare large items for collection. For example, mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture should be wrapped and sealed in plastic and Freon should be properly removed from appliances. Alert Rumpke 48-hours prior to the collection day that the residence will be disposing of large item(s) by calling 1-877-786-7537.

Leaves and grass clippings should be contained in either paper or plastic bags. Branches should be bundled and tied in stacks no larger than 2 feet wide and 4 feet long. Each bundle counts as one large item. Bagged yard waste counts toward the ten bag limit.

Residents are also reminded that curbside recycling is available at no additional cost, and is a great way to reduce trash. To sign-up for recycling, residents should contact Rumpke at 1-877-786-7537 or by emailing