City Moves Forward in Addressing Flooding Issues at Crystal Lake Drive & Bluffside Drive Intersection; Approves Issuance of Construction Requests for Bids

COVINGTON, KY – The Mayor and City Commission recently approved the issuance of requests for bids (RFB) for the construction of new storm pipes, underdrains, catch basins and street pavement on Crystal Lake Drive to address flooding issues.

South Covington resident Diane Davis-Cain has experienced the drainage problems firsthand. She looks forward to the improvements and believes it is a foot in the right direction to address the safety issues witnessed by residents. 

Davis-Cain stated, “I’m very glad the City is working towards fixing the problem with a long term solution. The new curb inlet installation and storm sewer pipe repairs will lower the amount of concern and safety issues we experience living at this intersection.”

As part of the 50/50 Cost Sharing Program, the City has partnered with the Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) to identify and fix storm drainage issues throughout Covington, starting with the intersection of Crystal Lake Drive and Bluffside Drive.

The project is estimated to cost $260,000. As a result, SD1 is contributing $122,399 towards the project and the City is contributing approximately $140,000. Total project costs will be confirmed upon the selection of the construction bid.

Located in South Covington, the City determined this intersection to be a significant safety hazard and prioritized the project as one of the highest safety improvement needs.

Public Services Director/Assistant City Engineer Rick Davis stated, “There is substantial flooding, icing, ponding that occurs at this intersection resulting in safety issues for vehicles and pedestrians.

“We’re working closely with SD1 to remedy these issues with modern engineering and lasting solutions to ensure citizens are safe.”

Currently, there are no catch basins or storm drainage structures located at or near the intersection of Crystal Lake Drive and Bluffside Drive.

As a result, the intersection has experienced substantial flooding, icing, ponding and safety issues for vehicles and pedestrians. Due to years of enduring these hazardous conditions, the pavement has started to fail.

Mayor Sherry Carran stated, “We’re listening to our residents and we understand the importance of these issues. We’re working hard to prioritize and alleviate flooding issues throughout the City. Thanks to the hard work and collaboration of the City’s Public Services Department and SD1, we are able to take the necessary steps forward to do so.”

City additionally continues to make improvements to its streets through the implementation of the Pavement Replacement Plan in South Covington.

The plan includes the replacement of concrete street panels on 33 different streets, 15 of which have been completed. Panel replacement is based on a prioritized concrete rating system and includes the installation of drains as needed to help with subsurface water.

The City is currently finalizing the RFB and anticipates it to be issued within the next several weeks. Once a company is determined, construction will tentatively begin in the late fall/early winter. Construction is expected to be completed by late spring/early summer.