Covington Partners with SD1 to Improve Storm Drainage on Crystal Lake Drive & Bluffside Drive

COVINGTON, KY – The City partnered with Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) to address storm drainage issues on Crystal Lake Drive and Bluffside Drive in South Covington.

The Board recently executed an agreement with SD1 to implement the 50/50 Cost Sharing Program. Upon the program’s application, the City will split the estimated cost of $244,798.00 with SD1 to install new curb inlets and storm sewer pipe repairs on Crystal Lake Drive and Bluffside Drive, each paying $122,399.00. Additionally, the project will include pavement replacement in certain problem areas.

Currently, there are no catch basins or storm drainage structures located at or near the intersection of Crystal Lake Drive and Bluffside Drive.

As a result, the intersection has experienced substantial flooding, icing, ponding and safety issues for vehicles and pedestrians. Due to years of enduring these hazardous conditions, the pavement has started to fail.

The City of Covington has determined the intersection to be a significant safety issue. Partnering with SD1, the City is taking the necessary steps to address the problem area and reduce the amount of flooding that occurs during a storm.

South Covington resident Diane Davis-Cain has witnessed the drainage problems firsthand. She looks forward to the improvements and believes it will greatly increase the level of safety experienced by residents.

She stated, “I’m very glad the City is working towards fixing the problem with a long term solution. The new curb inlet installation and storm sewer pipe repairs will lower the amount of concern and safety issues we experience living at this intersection.”

In addition, the City is working diligently with SD1 to address other areas that are prone to flooding and drainage issues.

Through the installation of retention basins and other storm drainage structures, the City is beginning to see positive results from its initiatives and has plans to make further improvements.

Mayor Sherry Carran stated, “There is still a lot of work to do, but working with SD1, we are making headway in addressing needed improvements to stormwater management throughout the City.”