Commission Highlight: Board Approves Sanitation District No. 1 Private Sewer Lateral Program

COVINGTON, KY – A new sewer lateral repair program was approved by the Board of Commissioners Tuesday evening.

The Mayor and Commissioners authorized a new agreement with Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) that will help the City and owners deal with broken laterals.

The Private Sewer Lateral Program allows SD1 to repair any private sewer lateral break that happens underneath roadways between the curb lines and the main line at no charge to the owner. SD1 will additionally repair the street.

A private sewer lateral is a pipe that runs from the home all the way to the public sewer main line. It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the lateral pipe.

When private sewer laterals deteriorate, they can create sinkholes, sewer overflows and backups. Repairs are costly and can lead to public health and safety issues.

Last year, the City covered the expense of restoring the roadway once the lateral was repaired. This year, the program remains the same except SD1 will additionally cover the restoration portion of the work.

Due to the City’s aging utility infrastructure, this program greatly benefits both the City and residents alike providing safer sidewalk and street conditions.