Commission Highlight: Board Approves Hiring Computer Forensic Analyst for the Police Department

COVINGTON, KY – The Covington Police Department has a new forensic tool to use to fight crime.

Former Covington police officer Ronald Trenkamp will serve as Computer Forensic Analyst. The Board of Commissioners approved hiring him Tuesday evening.

As the Department’s very first Computer Forensic Analyst, Trenkamp takes on the challenge of conducting investigations, at the direction of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, involving most things digital.

Assistant Chief Brian Steffen said, “This position has been a long time coming and its creation is a historical one for the Covington Police Department.”

Trenkamp is equipped with advanced forensic software allowing him the ability to capture digital evidence of crimes that occur over several platforms including cell phones, tablets, computers and other digital devices. 

On April 5, 2016, the Mayor and Commissioners recognized the great need for this position and approved its creation. Sifting through over 40 applicants, Ronald Trenkamp set himself apart with his exemplary background.

Trenkamp is a retired veteran of the Covington Police serving over 26 years as a police officer.  During this time, he wore numerous hats gaining invaluable experience working as a detective, supervising the Crime Lab, and supervising the Department’s Records and Technology Section.

Steffen elaborated, “As the largest municipal law enforcement agency in Northern Kentucky, we will be in a much better position to deal with investigating crimes that more and more involve digital evidence from one extent to the next.”

The creation of the Computer Forensic Analyst position is another example of how the Police Department strives to provide the most efficient and resourceful services to the citizens it serves.

The new hiring follows on the recent approval by the Board of Commissioners authorizing the Police Department to purchase 32 new fleet vehicles. Additionally, the Department was approved to contract with Taser Axon International to purchase new body worn cameras for police officers with state of the art technology.