Covington Responds to Standing Water Issue on James Avenue

COVINGTON, KY – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is taking action to remove the stagnant water ponding at the bend of KY 16 across from Meinken Field on James Avenue.

Due to recent storms, there has been an increase in rainwater draining down KY 16 resulting in a pond of recurring standing water at the bend in the road. With the threat of the Zika virus and warm weather conditions, residents have raised concern and notified the City of the issue.

The City of Covington worked with KYTC to receive the right of entry approval from property owners Lamar Outdoor Advertising. This access allows the State permission to take the next steps in draining the standing water.

KYTC has placed a work order to install a new pipe to drain the water to the catch basin. The catch basin will proceed to funnel the rainwater into the new pipe and prevent the water from ponding at the bend. This will decrease the chance of future standing water issues and overflow. KYTC is scheduled to install the new pipe the week of July 18.

Additionally, the City of Covington has been made aware of stagnant water forming on Daniels Street and is working with the Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) to receive more information. The City plans to proactively address the issue upon completion of the new pipe installation on James Avenue.

While the threat of contracting the Zika virus remains low in Covington, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outside. For additional information on how to prevent contracting the Zika virus, please visit the CDC’s website.

If you see stagnant water forming in your neighborhood, please contact the City’s Department of Public Improvement at 859-292-2292 to report the issue.