Fire House and Park Improvement Projects Approved by Covington Commission


COVINGTON, KY. – Tuesday night’s Covington Board of Commissioners Meeting focused on the City’s infrastructure and project improvements.

Covington’s Mayor and Commissioners approved a contract for a new roof at the Fire Department Company 5 fire house in South Covington. The upgrade from a shingle to a new metal roof and new gutters is one of many upgrades recently completed at the fire house, including new carpeting, tile flooring, and windows.

In addition to the Company 5 fire house, maintenance upgrades have been made to all fire houses, Public Improvements’ buildings, and Police Headquarters where LED lighting upgrades, doors, and new tile for locker and shower areas.

Several park projects were also approved. A construction bid for a new shelter and restrooms at Randolph Park was approved. Plans for the restrooms and a 1,558 square foot shelter have already been approved. Work is anticipated to be complete by the end of the summer.

A contract for repaving walking trails and golf cart paths in Devou Park was also approved. This work is part of regular maintenance and is paid for by Devou Park Master Plan (Drees Pavilion) and DevouTrust funds.

Tuesday night’s meeting concluded with several staffing changes. Two part-time code enforcement positions were filled. Mike Stem and David Pandilidis, a retired police officer and attorney respectively, were appointed to the vacant positions.

Public Information Officer Liz Barlik resigned in order to relocate. She has been replaced by Monica Beavers. Monica previously held the position of Executive Assistant with the City. She has a B.F.A. in graphic design and a professional background in design and advertising.