Covington Commission Begins the New Year with a Focus on Infrastructure

COVINGTON, Ky. – Covington’s Board of Commissioners held its first regular meeting of 2016 Tuesday night. The meeting focused on the City’s infrastructure.

Infrastructure needs were a priority pointed out during the City’s discussion of how to allocate carryover funds from the previous fiscal year.

The Board approved $315,000 in carryover funds for infrastructure projects, as outlined by the City’s newly adopted Fiscal Stability Ordinance. In a partnership project between the City and Sanitation District No. 1, $100,000 of those funds will go towards the repair and replacement of catch basins in Covington deemed damaged or undersized. The new and improved catch basins will help areas that have experienced flooding from heavy rain events.

Also, $65,000 will go towards the City’s initiative to meet reflectivity requirements established by the State for edgelines, crosswalks, centerlines, and other road markings.

And, $150,000 will go towards the next phase of reconstruction of Rolling Hills Drive, a heavily-travelled industrial roadway in South Covington with significant settlement, potholes, and other damage. The reconstruction will be designed to handle truck traffic and allow for proper drainage.

The Board also approved advertisement of a bid for the construction of a retaining wall along Riverside Drive. Flooding of the Ohio River has caused the hillside along the roadway to gradually erode and undermined the stability of the street and sidewalk. The retaining wall will stabilize the hillside and prevent further erosion. Design plans have been completed and will be conducive to the future Riverfront Commons development.

A second bid advertisement was also approved. The City is seeking a design consultant to create plans and specifications for a storm water management system for a new detention basin and grading work in the Point Benton subdivision. Once designed, this next phase of storm water improvements in the Peaselburg neighborhood will be advertised for construction.

The Pointe Benton project is part of an initiative to alleviate stormwater issues in areas of Peaselburg prone to flooding during heavy rains.

Previously completed work included basin improvements and installation of new pipes to help alleviate surface run off near Monte Casino Road, Pointe Benton and Benton Road and construction of a new detention basin and inlet system at the top of Rays Lane. Since completion, Phase I has proved largely successful in preventing basement backups during heavy rainfall.