Roadwork & Infrastructure Update


Below is a list of project updates on Covington roadwork and infrastructure projects. For any additional information or questions please contact the Covington Engineering Department at 859.292.2112.

Riverfront Commons Phase I

Project: This project will improve the Covington's Riverfront along the Ohio River from the base of Greenup Street, west to Route 8.

Status: The City was awarded $3.9 million in grant funds to put towards the project.  The design plans are currently being reviewed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The Western Walk from Madison Avenue heading west will begin construction in early 2016. This will include a path that will go up and over the levee and tie into the sidewalk near the east side of the Brent Spence Bridge.

Licking River Levee Stabilization

Project: The City has been monitoring a landslide along the Licking River Levee near the dead end section of 21st Street.

Status: Plans to stabilize the slide have been developed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and are complete. A contractor was approved at the Nov. 10 Commission Meeting. Work will begin as soon as possible and will be complete by late January.

6th Street and Scott Boulevard Project

Project: This project will create a gateway at 6th St. and Scott Blvd. to both Madison Ave. and Mainstrasse. Elements of the project will include underground utilities, decorative street lighting, new sidewalks with pavers along the curb line, and mast arm traffic signals.

Status: Currently in design phase to form a plan to create a gateway between Madison and Mainstrasse. This phase is progressing well. The project will include underground utilities and sidewalk replacement. The goal is for construction to start early 2016.

Riverside Drive

Project: Roadway and sidewalk stabilization.

Status: Design work has been completed.  Plans need to be approved by the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Highway Avenue Fence

Project: The chain link fence along the north side of Highway Avenue will be replaced with a decorative fence.

Status: The City is currently working with property owner to determine if land can be acquired to link this sidewalk to Riverfront Commons.