Landlords Can Now Register for Criminal Activity Alerts

COVINGTON, KY - The City of Covington has created a tool to help keep landlords informed.

The City’s new Criminal Activity Alert System will alert landlords who have property in Covington when a police call is made regarding their property.
Through collaboration with Kenton County Dispatch, all landlords who have provided their email address to the City will be notified when the Police Department is called to their property, with some exceptions.
"Often, property owners don't realize when issues arise from tenants that necessitate police calls," said Police Chief Bryan Carter. "This program will help to inform landlords of problem tenants so that they can take proactive steps to remedy these issues on their own."
Under § 92.10 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, landlords may be subject to fines if an arrest occurs at their property. The Alert System is a proactive attempt to keep landlords informed before issues escalate.

Landlords who included their email address with their rental license application are automatically registered for notifications. Those who did not include their email address should contact Jessica Moss at, or sign up here.

The Alert System is one initiative in the City’s overhaul of Rental and Fire Inspections. The changes are part of the City’s ongoing efforts to strengthen neighborhoods and increase property values by creating safer and better maintained properties.