Burn Plan in Effect March 30 at Devou Park Sleepy Hollow Field

The City of Covington Fire Department, with the Urban Forestry Division, will be burning the area known as Devou Park Sleepy Hollow Field beginning Monday morning, March 30. The burn will last from between 8:00 AM and will end at approximately 1:00 PM. The event will create a lot of smoke.


The prescribed fire will be used at the Devou Park Sleepy Hollow Field for a 3.8 acre parcel of native grasses and forbs. 


Burning this area will help with the management of this grassland community by reducing invasion of trees and shrubs, removing excess leaf litter that can inhibit vegetative growth and wildlife use, releasing seed for germination and controlling disease.


The site to be burned is in a fairly isolated area with very few residential dwellings. These properties have been contacted and individually briefed.


See the official burn plan here.


If you have any questions, please call 859.292.2292.