Roadwork & Infrastructure Update

COVINGTON, KY - The following are project updates on City roadwork and infrastructure projects:


Annual Resurfacing/Concrete Replacement Work

Roadways within the City are repaired as needed annually.  The City has been divided into 3 geographic areas and roadwork is focused in one of the 3 areas on a 3 year cycle.  All work will be completed in Section 2 this year (Map). 

Status:  Resurfacing and ADA curb ramp work will be done in the northern part of section 2 and select concrete panel replacement will be done in the southern part of section 2.  The curb ramp work is currently being advertised for bid and the roadwork will begin as soon as the ramps have been completed.


Devou Wall

Retaining wall collapse on Devou Drive resulted in the roadway being closed to traffic.

Status: Western Avenue and Devou Drive are back open to traffic.  The retaining walls have been completed and the contractors have pulled out of the site until spring.  When the weather warms up, they will be back to resurface the roadway and plant grass seed to complete the project.


Peaselburg Basins

Learn more details here.

Status: The  project was awarded to Lonkard. All of the pipework has been installed and the remaining basin work will take about 15 working days.  The actual amount of time left to completion will be dependent on the weather.  Phase II of this project is currently out to bid.  It is anticipated the project will be awarded at the Commission Meeting on 3/10/15. 


Madison Avenue Streetscape

Sidewalk replacement, underground utilities, rain gardens, street trees, decorative benches/garbage cans/sign posts).

Status: Project is essentially complete. City staff are still looking for ways to address a structural issue with a basement that extends out under the sidewalk as well as a lighting issue that is complicated by a similar basement.


6th Street and Scott Boulevard Project

This project will create a gateway at 6th and Scott Boulevard to both Madison Avenue and Mainstrasse. Elements of the project will include underground utilities, decorative street lighting, new sidewalks with pavers along the curb line and mast arm traffic signals.

Status: Currently in design phase to form a plan to create a gateway between Madison and Mainstrasse. This phase is progressing well. The project will include underground utilities and sidewalk replacement. The goal is for construction to start Spring 2015.


Riverside Drive

Roadway and sidewalk stabilization project. Geotechnical review complete.

Status: The design contracts for this work have been authorized. 


Highway Avenue Fence

The chain link fence along the north side of Highway Avenue will be replaced with a decorative fence.

Status: Working with property owner to determine if land can be acquired to link this sidewalk to Riverfront Commons.


Riverfront Commons Phase I

This project will improve the City's Riverfront along the Ohio River from the base of Greenup Street, west to Route 8.

Status: Woolpert, Inc. was selected as the design engineer for the project and is actively working on the plans. The Western walk from Madison Avenue heading west will be constructed later this year.  This includes a path that will go up and over the levee and tie into the sidewalk near the east side of the Brent Spence Bridge.


Russell Street Water Main Replacement Project

The water main under Russell Street from 6th Street to 19th Streets is being replaced.

Status: Complete.


Please contact City Engineer Mike Yeager with any questions regarding these projects.


If you would like to be placed on the City's list to received Bids, please sign up here. Also see a list of current open City bids here.