Devou Wall Nears Completion: Western Avenue Re-opens to Traffic

COVINGTON, KY - Both Western Avenue and Devou Drive will be re-opened to through traffic at the end of the day today. 

The project is not yet complete. Crews will return to work after the weather warms. Work is expected to continue near the beginning of April. 

Outstanding work on the project includes:

  • Resurfacing the roadway
  • Constructing a very small retaining wall along Devou Drive near Western Avenue
  • Grading the hillside
  • Planting grass

According to City Engineer Mike Yeager, "The roadway is a little rough right now, but is definitely good enough to get us through the next couple of months.  We did make some concrete repairs to the sections that were really bad."

Yeager expects the fencing along the top of the wall to be installed next week.  Until the fencing is in place, "sidewalk closed" signs will be positioned on both ends of the wall and cones will be set up for the length of the wall with caution tape blocking access and discouraging pedestrian access. 

If you have questions, please contact Mike Yeager directly at