Launch of the New City of Covington Brand

'A New Rally Cry for Covington'

COVINGTON, KY - The City of Covington today launched its new brand: an identity that is positive, active and alive. City Hall is hosting an Open House Launch Party today from 4-6pm, at City Hall, 20 West Pike Street, Covington, KY 41011.

See Launch Video.

In launching the new brand today City Manager Larry Klein said the new look of the Covington logo reflected a city that was now recognized for its diversity, creativity, sustainability and invest-ability

"The City of Covington has existed for 200 years without a logo, until today. A lot has happened since 1815 and a lot has changed. It's time for us to embrace the twenty first century." said Klein

"The 'Covington's Alive!' design, created by international branding firm Landor, will become an icon for Covington, synonymous with the colorful, vibrant, cool city Covington is today and will continue to be in the future.

"The new identity will deliver more impact, be stronger, more flexible and reduce confusion as to who is delivering services. It will build greater long term identification and align with best practice."

"As the need arises to replace infrastructure, release documents and publications, the new logo will be used and new identity rolled out as required.

"The new brand is strong and cutting edge and will be instantly recognized as belonging to the City of Covington," Klein said.

Mayor Sherry Carran said the City of Covington now has a new corporate identity to reflect its regional leadership position, unify its range of services and take the new Commission into the future.

"The new brand identity will mean increased time efficiencies for the Municipality by adapting readily to in-house designs and existing graphic imagery and allow us to build our corporate identity.

"It is important to consolidate our branding as there are now a large number of logos in the marketplace that reflect the work carried out by the City of Covington.

"We are conscious of the need to act responsibly with the taxpayers funds and we are rolling out the new brand progressively as things need to be replaced," Mayor Carran said.

"It is a brand for the Municipality, businesses, residents and visitors. We are creating a unified and singular identity that will be easier and more cost effective to manage.

"By speaking with one voice, under one brand, we will present a united front with all our individual programs contributing to the City of Covington's reputation for excellence in leadership, innovation and community service," Mayor Carran said.