Eastside Neighborhood Smoke Detector Blitz! Volunteers Needed

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Call to Community-Minded Volunteers: 
Please Join the American Red Cross and the Covington Fire Department at the

Eastside Neighborhood Smoke Detector Blitz!

Phase One: Pre-Canvassing; Home Fire Preparedness Campaign (HFPC) Event

When: This Saturday, December 6, 10am-12pm
Where: Volunteers meet at Firehouse Company 1, 100 East Robbins Street
Who: You! About 30 Volunteers are needed to pre-canvas the Eastside neighborhood. You must be willing to walk around the Eastside neighborhood, talk to residents, knock on doors and hand out informational flyers about the Impact Covington Day of smoke detector installation.
How: RSVP Here

Summary: Covington Fire Department (CFD) is launching a local support campaign in response to the American Red Cross's call to action to all its' partner agencies. The campaign aims to reduce the number of fire caused deaths and injuries in the US by 25% within 5 years by helping the citizenry be educated on smoke detector maintenance. The CFD will also aim to install 300 smoke detectors as the educational campaign ensues. The CFD is in need of volunteers for this two-phased effort.

Target Area: Eastside Neighborhood was chosen as the focus area for this program because it is a Covington neighborhood that has experienced a high number of fires in the last few years.

Partners: The Covington Fire Department (CFD) is working with its partners in the community, including the American Red Cross, all neighborhoods and the City of Covington. CFD is also partnering with COV200 and its second Impact Day on December 13, to install the smoke detectors in the Eastside neighborhood.

City Commissioner and Eastside Resident Michelle Williams is also co-hosting the event and will provide coffee and light refreshments for all volunteers. "This is an important cause and we want to welcome as many volunteers as possible on this day to help our neighbors be safe for the winter season. Please come out and join us and help spread the word!" said Williams.

Phase One - Pre-Canvassing:

December 6, from 10am to 12pm, 30 volunteers

Pre-canvassing the Target Area includes walking down streets, knocking on doors, leaving door hangers and speaking with people about the campaign. The goal of Phase One is to inform residents of the date and time that smoke detector installation will occur, two weeks later. It is important to note that the citizenry cannot schedule an install; they must be available on the date of the scheduled install.

***Volunteers do not need to be versed in a special skill to be useful for Phase One. Volunteers just have to be friendly, and willing to walk, knock on doors, meet and speak with other people.
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