Roadwork Update

Status Update of Work on City and State-owned Roads in Covington


Devou Wall

Retaining wall collapse on Devou Drive resulted in the roadway being closed to traffic.

Status:  Construction plans for the new wall are nearly complete.  Currently working with SD1 to determine the size of the storm pipes that will be needed for this area and that will be included in the plan.  Plans should be ready in a couple of weeks to put out to bid for construction.  Roadway will have to remain closed until construction is completed for safety reasons.


Southern/Latonia Reconstruction

Status: Project Complete


Caroline Underpass

Status: The wall repair is nearly complete.  The fence on top of the new wall will be installed the week of 4/21/14. The roadway reconstruction project has resumed.  The underpass will be back open to traffic by the end of the month.  Motorists will be driving on the roadway base at this point.  The asphalt contractor will come back and shut the underpass down for a day or two in May to place the asphalt surface.


Lake Park Drive

Roadway reconstruction

Status: Work on Lake Park and Rolling Hills has been completed.



Sidewalk replacement, underground utilities, rain gardens, street trees, decorative benches/garbage cans/sign posts).

Status: Work is nearing completion.  Polymer overlay on sidewalks where basements extend out under the sidewalk is the only part remaining.  We need an extended warm period for the material to work.


Sidewalk Repairs

A city-wide project and schedule to improve sidewalks throughout the City.

Status: the South Covington and Latonia section was awarded to Prus and they are making great progress now that the weather is starting to improve.  City staff is working on the bid documents for the northern part of the City. 


Eastern Avenue Slide

The existing tie back walls will be extended to correct the slide that continues to worsen near Meiken Field.

Status: Project complete     


Madison Avenue 4th and 5th Streetscape

Underground utilities and sidewalk replacement on the east side of Madison between Tobacco Alley and 5th Street.

Status: Project complete.  Area on east side of Madison between 4th and Tobacco Alley will be next phase we concentrate on.   


Mobile Home Park Demo/Grading

The items remaining on the mobile home site will be removed and the site will be regraded.

Status: Project complete


6th Street and Scott Boulevard Project

This project will create a gateway at 6th and Scott Boulevard to both Madison Avenue and Mainstrasse.

Status: Currently in design phase to form a plan to create a gateway between Madison and Mainstrasse.  Project will include underground utilities and sidewalk replacement.


Pike Street Triangle

Sidewalk and aesthetic improvements to the corner of Pike and 8th Street.

Status: Adleta was awarded the contract.  Sidewalk work complete.  Asphalt contractor is working this week on the lot and should be finished by middle of May.  


Riverside Drive

Roadway and sidewalk stabilization project.  Geotechnical review complete. 

Status: Next step will be to hire a firm to design the fix based on the geotechnical report that was received. 


Highway Avenue Fence

The chain link fence along the north side of Highway Avenue will be replaced with a decorative fence.

Status: Working with property owner to determine if land can be acquired to link this sidewalk to Riverfront Commons.


Riverfront Commons Phase I

This project will improve the City's Riverfront along the Ohio River from the base of Greenup Street, west to Route 8.

Status: Woolpert, Inc. was selected as the design engineer for the project and is actively working on the plans.  Pieces of the project could be constructed later this year.