Commission Meeting Highlights - April 15, 2014

COVINGTON - The following are highlights from the Commission meeting held at City Hall on April 15.

Staff Changes

Commission approved the following staff changes:

  • The resignation for retirement of Tom Waters, Staff Accountant in the Finance Department, effective April 30, 2014.
  • The resignation of Wayne Berry as a part-time Code Enforcement Inspector in the Community Services Department, effective April 16, 2014.
  • The employment of Caine Hughes as Staff Accountant in the Finance Department, effective April 21, 2014.


Board and Commissions

Commission approved the appointment of Daniel J. Streicher to the Housing Authority of Covington Board for a four-year term, effective April 15, 2014 and expiring April 14, 2018


City Adopts Transparency Policy 

Commission approved the adoption of a Transparency Policy, recommended by the Mayor’s Task Force to Restore Public Confidence, to ensure that City government operates with a priority of making important information on how the City operates accessible to the public. The Policy emphasizes transparency and accountability from the City to its citizens for its actions. The policy outlines that the City will provide the following information and documentation to the public: meeting information, including dates, times and agendas, which are also to be posted to the City’s website; contact information for the City’s elected officials and department directors on the City’s website; annual budget and audit reports; taxes and fees, ordinances and a fair and transparent process of hiring employees. Other information that the policy outlines will be made available include policies that will not allow nepotism to exist, personnel policies and labor union contracts to the public upon request; sign-up forms that allow citizens to comment about public issues at City meetings; making contracts available for public inspection at City Hall; and the City’s procurement policy. 


New Business: City Welcomes Prolocity

Prolocity LLC, a Cloud Brokerage firm, will relocate its software/IT business to Covington’s River Center Towers. The firm was previously headquartered in Boone County.


City Continues Trail Support

Commission approved the support of the continued development of the Regional Trails Alliance Trail Plan. The Plan recommends linking regional trails and greenways together by working with neighboring communities to plan, design, build and maintain a system of trails that will connect our communities, people and special regional points of interest. This approval demonstrates the City’s support of regional trails to benefit the quality of life and economic development in the City. Other organizations that have approved this Resolution include the Cincinnati Regional Business Committee; Green Umbrella; Interact for Health; Great Parks of Hamilton County; Great Miami Rowing Center, and OKI.