Tree Planting Workshop Rallies Residents

Hands-On Urban Forestry Volunteer Opportunity April 5 and 6; Families Welcome


COVINGTON - Saturday and Sunday April 5th & 6th from 9:00am to 4:00pm, residents and volunteers are invited to participate in a City-led community tree planting workshop that aims to plant 110 trees along Holman Street between 12th and 19th Streets. All skill levels and ages are welcome and the Department of Urban Forestry is recruiting highly skilled arborists to be team leaders for the day.


City Arborist Crystal Courtney says, “We can’t wait to work with everyone, to show them how to plant trees in an urban environment. We all love trees, and so it is in our best interest to make sure they are planted correctly and in a way that guarantees their longevity.”


The City of Covington was awarded a grant from the Kentucky Division of Forestry to pay for the 110 trees that will be planted along the 0.8 mile stretch of Holman Street. Volunteers and city staff will be planting and watering the trees throughout the day and morning activities will include an explanation of urban forestry and planting demonstrations. Experienced team leaders will provide guidance throughout the experience.


The street was previously lined with Bradford pear trees which were taken out for three reasons: 1) The age of the trees made them more likely to split during storms. 2) The trees had grown into overhead utility lines presenting another hazard to residents and city workers; and 3) The trees were considered an invasive plant by the Kentucky Exotic Pest Plant Council, meaning they pose a threat to economic, environmental or human health.


The young replacement trees will be better adapted for an urban setting with less risk to the health and safety of the community, while providing a more diverse urban forest. Several different tree species, including Washington hawthorn, Yoshino cherry and Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry and Black Gum, will be planted.


Gus Wolf, an arborist and owner of Wolf Trees, will be one of the Team Leaders for the workshop. He says “I think an event like this is a brilliant way to engage the community in urban forestry. Also, residents can learn how to plant trees and put that knowledge to work on their own property. It’s also a day that families can spend together, Mom and Dad can plant trees and the kids can play a part by saving the worms that are dug up and just being part of it.”


All are welcome to attend. If you have questions please contact Crystal Courtney at  or 859-307-5044


Tree Planting Workshop



Covington residents, City’s urban forestry staff and volunteers



Saturday and Sunday April 5th & 6th from 9:00am to 4:00pm.



Event will kick off each morning across the street from:

Fire Station Company 6

1502 Holman Ave.

Covington, KY 41011  

Planting will take place along the 6 blocks of Holman south of 12th street.



Register for the event here: