Special Event Permits Issued as of February 27, 2014


Access the full list of all Special Event Permits Issued by the City for upcoming events here.

Please Note:

Some of these events will cause temporary road closure on the specified dates or otherwise occupy public property;

Not all of these events are open to the public.

According to City Ordinance, a Special Event is defined as: 'Any festival, ceremony, show, demonstration, exhibition, pageant, transient amusement enterprise, outdoor temporary gathering or similar event, in or on or having substantial impact on any street, park, or other public place in the city.'


All Special Events are required to apply for a Special Event Permit through the City Solicitor's office.


The new online permit can be accessed here.


Please Note, if you plan to have alcohol at your event, you will also need to submit a Temporary ABC License Application.


Remember: If you are hosting an event and it is on any public property or requires roads to close even partially, chances are you will need a Special Event Permit.



The following event(s) have received Special Event Permits from the City and have requested additional promotional mention to the public in this notice:

Quo Vadis 5/10k Run/WalkSaturday March 8th 9am , Covington Latin Fundraiser Race, downtown Covington

Register here:

About: This is one of the first springtime races of the season for Covington's urban core and many runners are registering as part of their training program for the upcoming Flying Pig Marathon in May. The race route starts and finishes at the Cathedral Basilica, acknowledged as one of America's most important architectural treasures. Covington's Basilica is classified as one of only 22 minor basilicas, a rare worldwide structure.

See the approved special event permit here.